Clean Water
Well drilling

Well Drilling

Africompassion now owns a Village Well Drill!

Thanks to our new co-CEO Reid Anderson and board member Jessica Anderson who have donated a Village Drill to Africompassion, we are now beginning to drill wells in Tanzania. We have two projects scheduled in the Arusha area and hope to move to Kogaja soon. 

We need to raise money for drilling wells in the Arusha area and Kogaja, please help us with the costs of the well by donating!


We have to pay for materials such as pipes, labor, water and fuel, and a well pump, a concrete pad, and well installation, plus maintenance and repairs on the drill. Currently it is approximately $4,000 - $7,500 in operating expenses to drill a well depending on well depth and ground conditions.

Well project completed in April 2022

Mdori, Tarangire School and Medical Clinic 

Clean Water and Sanitation 

There is no clean water in the Ikoma ward where Kogaja is located. The villagers get water from ponds, mudholes and streams that are contaminated with human and animal feces.

Africompassion is implementing a comprehensive WASH education program to teach villagers proper sanitation and hygiene to prevent disease.

Additionally, Africompassion is providing advanced household water filters to allow villagers to have clean water.

Clean Water Changes Lives

Without clean water, people get sick frequently with parasites and sicknesses like typhoid, cholera, and dysentery.

The burden of carrying water from water sources which are usually significant distances from homes often falls on women, girls and children as the men are working in the fields.  The time lost for them interferes with their education and ability to work.  Sicknesses prevent people from working and providing for themselves.

Providing clean water is the first step in enabling people to escape poverty. Please help us to provide clean water to these children and villagers.