Africompassion Academy 

Located in Kogaja a village in Ikoma, Rorya, Mara, Tanzania, Africompassion Academy is basic school that sponsors 82 AIDS orphans. The school has been operating for some time in a basic rented building. Our long-term vision is to build a school on 7 acres and develop a K-12 liberal arts and industrial arts education compound that can serve as a model for education in rural Tanzania.

PLAN  B .1-1.png
Unfinished house for temporary school
SCH  1-1.png

africompassion has plans designed for a four classroom school building with offices, toilets, and living quarters for a headmaster and teacher.

We need to raise a substantial amount of money, $150,000 to build the entire complex in four phases.

We have been in temporary facilities since December 2021 and will lose those facilities in January 2023. We hope to raise enough to build the shell of a three classroom building, about $45,000, before December 2022.

SAS Concept Master Plan #4-1.png