How will your donation be used?


We own a Village Drill and drill wells in the Tarangire, Arusha area of Tanzania.

We are raising money to drill wells to provide clean water for Kogaja, the village where the orphans live.

We recently completed two well projects in Mdori, Tarangire.

How to use Amazon Smile to support us! 

1. Add a browser extension for Amazon Smile by clicking on a link below:




2. Click on the Smile button to the right.

3. Sign in to

4. Search for Africompassion and select it as your charity.

Amazon donates from their funds every time you buy and your price is the same!


We are raising money to build our own school building. Africompassion has lost its lease and is using temporary facilities.


We are raising money to build a medical clinic in Kogaja, and to buy mosquito nets for the children and their families as well as malaria medication, funding sanitation projects including building latrines and WASH education programs.