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The Africompassion in Tanzania

 Bringing Clean Water, Education, and Medical Care
to Impoverished Children in Tanzania, Africa

What is Africompassion?

Africompassion works to provide access to clean water, education, and medical care for impoverished children and families  to help them become self-reliant and rise out of poverty. 

We sponsor a school for orphans and impoverished children in Kogaja a village in the Mara region of Tanzania and drill wells to  provide clean water for villagers. We are a registered 501c3 non-profit in the US and partner with Africompassion Organization NGO in Tanzania.

We rely on the donations of people like you to help us achieve these goals.

A donation as small as $30 can change the life of a child in Africa.

Learn more and become a donor to directly impact someone's life today!

Where does your money go?

School Construction Update

goal-building construction.png

We are so close to having enough funds to finish the school building in Kogaja, Tanzania!

Learn more by reading our latest blog.

Become a donor and sponsor a child's education. $30 gives a child books, a teacher, and meals for one month!

The partially completed schoolhouse in Kogaja, Tanzania.

We are also still in need of desks, books, and meals to feed the children attending the school

Africompassion has a skilled team with diverse experience in humanitarian service, business management, technology, finances, and education.

How Can I Help?

Even a very small donation goes a long way for a child or villager in Africa. Submit your choice of a one-time or recurring donation now.

News From Africa

Part of our Africompassion team was onsite in Tanzania in February and March. Reid Anderson, Steve Whitehouse, Ngindu Bertin, and Edouard Kayumba visited Kogaja with Jerald Malamba.

Visit our Youtube channel to see our videos from our visit to Tanzania!

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