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Africompassion Water project completed in Kogaja, Tanzania!

Thanks to Jerald Malamba his team in Kogaja, the Africompassion Kogaja water project is complete and local residents are now able to obtain clean water at very close distance to the village center, about 1 kilometer!

The project has a four faucet dispenser fed by two 5,000 liter water tanks (2,650 gallons) on a 16 foot tall tower. There is plenty of great pressure to allow all four faucets with a strong flow of clean, good tasting water!

A three horsepower, 2.2 KWH three phase 480 Volt submersible electric pump can pump over 1,000 gallons per hour to keep the tanks filled.

We especially thank Musa, our contractor who built the water tower, well house, well cap, and water station! He has constructed a beautiful water facility for the 1,000 villagers who live in Kogaja.

The Kogaja water committee has decided that villagers should pay 100 TZS, about 5 cents per bucket of water to provide money to pay for electricity, well maintenance and security. This will hopefully also provide funds for additional community sanitation and water needs in the future. The villagers are very poor with many making 50 cents or $1.00 per day for their living.

As an Africompassion team, we invite you to help us to raise money for additional future water projects and our efforts to build a school for poor children in the village area.

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