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Meet Brian, One of Africompassion's Children

Updated: Mar 16

Brian T. is about seven years old. I met him last year when I visited Kogaja, Mara, Tanzania in February on my first trip to Tanzania. My trip was very busy and filled with meeting many people, but of everyone I met, Brian and his family touched me the most.

Brian was very sick when I met him, shaking with a fever and infections in both ears. I was tired and overwhelmed by my experiences. I recognized the need to take some time out of an extremely busy agenda to help Brian. I eventually learned that his mother Eunice, Mama Brian, was single and had four small children, Brian, James, Marvelous, and Bernard. She did not have clean water, money, and only a few mouthfuls of food in her small and dirty hut. Her husband went to Kenya a couple of years ago to work in a mine and after an accident at the mine was never heard of again.

Through prayers, faith, and medical attention Brian got better. Eunice was eager to be able to provide for her family, so with a little help, she rented a garden, started raising chickens and started growing enough food to support herself and her four children.

Brian is only one of the 82 children we are currently helping. With your help and support we have drilled a well in Kogaja, so now Brian and his family, and the other children have access to clean water.

The Africompassion School for Hope is the only chance Brian and his siblings have to get an education. Africompassion sponsors children who are too poor to attend public schools where students must pay fees usually $100 - $150 annually and provide school uniforms to attend. Villagers who make 50 cents to $1 a day are not able to afford school for their children.

With your support, we hope soon to finish a school building that will allow us to help 120 children receive an education. We will be sharing more of their stories with you.

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