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dōTERRA Sponsors Matching Funds for Africompassion School of Hope

We are excited to share that dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is matching gifts to Africompassion's School of Hope building fund up to $15,000 total!

Africompassion is building a three-classroom school building to accommodate 100 students. dōTERRA Healing Hands is generously matching donations up to $15,000.

· Africompassion sponsors a school for orphans in Kogaja, Tanzania.

· Africompassion has completed the foundation and part of the walls

· Their funds are depleted

Africompassion is developing a private school in Tanzania on a site owned by Africompassion that will provide an educational experience comparable to good American schools.

They have been sponsoring a school with extremely limited resources for several years with inadequate temporary facilities.

Please help us finish building this school to provide these orphans with a permanent school.

Will you please join us in supporting these children with a gift ?

Would you share this fundraiser with family, neighbors, and friends this giving season?

A permanent building will give these children hope for a productive and better life.

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