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Africompassion Report 2022 Accomplishments

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Update from Africompassion USA

Dear Friends,

We have had an amazing year of accomplishments thanks to you!

We are writing to thank you for your support and tell you what we have been able to accomplish through your support and God’s help!

· Raised money for basic school expenses

· Visited the village of Kogaja and established a partnership with village leaders

· Distributed 30 household water filter systems

· Raised money for a clean water project

· Completed a water project for 1000 people

· Installed electricity for school campus

· Completed the foundation for a 3,500 square foot classroom building

Our main project this year—a water project in Kogaja—has been a wonderful success! The 450 foot well we drilled produces over 1,200 gallons per hour of clean water for the villagers that is stored in two 1,500-gallon water tanks. This has changed life for these villagers! Thank you for your support of our work! (Note: all travel expenses were self-funded by Africompassion team members.)

We are now working on building permanent school facilities for these children, who are so desperately poor, and have raised enough money to build the foundation and part of the walls.

We have some amazing things in the works for the end of 2022 and into 2023. We would love to have you continue to be a part of our Africompassion Community! Stay connected and be the first to know what we’re up to by bookmarking our updated website, following our Facebook page (@africompassion) and subscribing to our YouTube Channel


About us:

Africompassion USA is a non-profit based in Utah founded in 2021 that sponsors a school for orphans in Tanzania, Africa.

We partner with Africompassion Organization in Tanzania that was founded by Jerald Malamba in 2015. It focuses on serving impoverished orphans in Kogaja, a poor village where he grew up. He started a school for orphans there, with four children and now 82.

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