Would you like to join Africompassion to help bring transformation through Education, Community transformation Projects and by leading spiritual development programs inTanzania - Contact us: jerald@africompassion.org or Call: +255 764211499!


What we do/ Support us

With a hands-on approach, our multi-disciplinary teams and staff implement a unique holistic program at our center in Tanzania. Our management team is supported by more than 10 full and part-time voluntary workers, most of whom are teachers, social workers, and clinical psychologists. We need you to be part of this work and God bless you.

We focus on a wide range of areas including care, counseling, empowerment, education, and vocational training. We also implement social and recreational activities and life-skills training to facilitate social integration and readjustment. The program culminates either in work placement, further professional training enabling our clients to set up their own businesses, or by them enrolling in a university program. The lives of the young women in our care are truly transformed by our program. Our success rates will depend on your joining the team to help.

Our future/ Get involved

As we look ahead to the next 10 years we are embarking on a process of revamping our program to become more gender sensitive, youth focused, and trauma informed. Our plans include the following:

  • The development and implementation of our intensive training program that will turn Africompassion Youth for change into a trauma informed organization, is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.
  • The main demand for our services is in this Region,  as Tanzania still remains the destination of choice for runaways in East Africa, because of the anonymity it offers. We therefore do not plan to provide direct services in other cities in East Africa but plan to start training in 2018 staff of NGOs in other cities in order for them to provide such services locally.
  • We are also planning to set up an entrepreneurship center that will have the capacity to assist up to 250 women, which is anticipated to become operational in 2019.



Restoring people to Gods living truth and equiping them to passinately live itout!