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Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation

The Water Crisis in

Helping communities create sustainable water, sanitation, hygiene, and Christian witness programs in partnership with local churches is just the best way we've found to do that.






Well Drilling.

Well Drilling and Home building- the first  and foremost among the mission of Africompassion.

We have been providing clean, potable water to those who have little or no access to fresh, clean water through partnership we build with different organizations and people from all over the world. Wells have to be maintained. Sanitation and hygiene needs must be addressed. When communities mobilize their own assets to make it all happen, water is the beginning of local churches, schools, and clinics doing more than we could ever do alone.

At its best, water is the beginning of the Body of Christ moving into the neighborhood.

Water & Women. Many women spend 20 hours per week collecting water, some walking 7 miles a day, often for contaminated water. Too often the walk is not safe for them physically. It is women and the children they raise who suffer most without water, and who benefit most from access to it.

Water & Health. Water-related diseases cause many deaths a year; every day, diarrhea takes the lives of children in Tanzania—more than any other single cause of death. Safe water, a toilet, and clean hands could prevent 90% of these deaths.

Water & Education. In Tanzania, water-related diseases steal many school days a year from school going children. Roundworm, whipworm, and hookworm stunt growth, cause debilitating anemia, and follow kids into the classroom, shrinking cognitive potential. Illness causes absenteeism and early drop-out. Simple solutions can keep kids in school.

Water & the Gospel. There's hope. In the past years, people have gained access to safe drinking water—but that's not the best story we have to tell. For us water is a picture of living water—the good news that God wants to transform people, communities, and the whole world through the person of Jesus Christ.We have worked in the Mwanza region, Magu, Sengerema and Musoma Districts and more giving life through clean, water and the most of all the “Living Water” of Jesus Christ.

To date, with the help of our ministry friends and Partners/ambassodors, we have completed providing 8 wells in Mwanza region. This means that literally hundreds of people have been given safe, clean drinking water by a little over 8 wells.We do not drill wells on private land for individual people who could charge for water and our ministry confirms the water will always be freely accessible to anyone who needs it prior to drilling.

We have set a module to the community:

 Drill Training

By the help of partner organizatios, we offer the opportunity in the field for the community to learn how to drill shallow fresh water wells. We are looking for trailers mounted drill rig which can be capable of providing water in some of the roughest terrain.

If you are looking for an adventure covered in mud and washed in water, a well drilling trip with us is for you!

Help communities create sustainable water, sanitation, hygiene, and Christian witness programs in partnership with Ebenezer Africompassion and the local churches is just the best way we've found to do that with you.

Sponsor a well

Africompassion Organization strongly encourages you to make your gift unrestricted as it gives us the ability to apply it toward the areas of most critical greatest need. There are measurable incremental administrative costs to track and allocate gifts toward a specific well in a specific location thereby decreasing your overall impact. Please contact our Grant Administrator for more information

How much does a well cost?

On average, it costs about $25 to provide safe water to one person. In our  years of experience, this is the average we have found in bringing safe water to communities across all geographies.

The cost of building a well or establishing a household water connection varies greatly depending on the location, terrain, and available resources. For example, it can range from $7,000 in Sengerema region to $30,000 in Magu. To ensure sustainability in our projects, AFCOO also incorporates sanitation, health and hygiene education, and community mobilization as part of its programs. This holistic approach means lasting change for families and their communities.

Post-project monitoring and evaluation

AFCOO has developed a rigorous monitoring process over the past 4 years. This monitoring and evaluation protocol is followed to proactively identify potential risks, address challenges in project implementation, and to help ensure the program has positive impacts

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