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Volunteer With Youths In Conflict With The Law

Project Overview

By volunteering with youths in conflict with the law, you can help coach and mentor young male adolescents whom are desperate to alter the course of their lives. As a volunteer, you not only put yourself into the position of a role-model, but also have the opportunity to empower the boys by sharing your talents, skills and interests.

The boys reaction to receiving an international volunteer is always extremely positive, project staff often comment that volunteers offer that little extra nurture and guidance which helps contribute to the quicker rehabilitation of the boys.

The economy of the Tanzanians has been depressed for a long period, and the recent global economic recession has contributed to a worsening economic situation for poor families. More children have dropped out of school to augment the family income. But there aren’t many jobs available, and young children who by law aren’t supposed to be working, don’t earn much. Poverty, especially when it spans generations, leads to a breakdown of family cohesion. So it’s not surprising that the number of youth law violators and the severity of their offenses have been on the rise.

The volunteer will work with youth, ages 13 to 19, who are confined in the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth due to law violations, which include theft, drug dealing, and acts of violence. Due to their status as minors, they have been placed in this rehabilitation center rather than in a correctional facility.

 Despite the severity of some of the boys crimes, the center is not a jail. We stress to our volunteers that the boys inside the center are merely trying to make right their wrongs, hoping to change their lives after making mistakes. None of the boys are considered as being violent or dangerous, most are extremely courteous, polite and approachable.