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Volunteer With Street Children

Project Overview

By volunteering with street children, you can help provide inspiration, education and support to some of the Tanzanian most undeserved and underprivileged children.

Sadly, it is not uncommon in the Tanzania to see children begging for food and sleeping on the sidewalk. Some of these children live at home but spend their day on the street instead of attending school. Others have left home permanently. As international food prices grow and little is done to improve the lives of socioeconomically stressed families, the street children ‘problem’ continues to grow with yet more and more children appearing on the streets of Mwanza City.


 These children come from dysfunctional homes where typically there are poverty, violence, neglect, or addiction issues. Many have left home to escape from abusive treatment. Others have resorted to begging in the streets because there is no food in the home. Street children typically “sniff rugby” (a brand of glue) to overcome hunger pains and cope with depression. Most of the street children are malnourished and in poor health, and vulnerable to sexual exploitation and recruitment by street gangs.

As an international volunteer in Tanzania, you will be able to assist in taking measures to improve the lives of some of the least fortunate children in the country by volunteering to provide educational & recreational services.

Volunteers will be placed in a shelter/rehabilitation facility for street children in Mwanza City that is operated by the Social Welfare and human rights Association.