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Volunteer With Abused girls

Project Overview

By choosing to Volunteer with Abused Girls, you can help empower a group of young females with the vital skills they will need to eventually return back to society.

Young girls in Tanzania who have been exposed to caretaker abuse or neglect, community violence, or sexual exploitation will be deeply affected – often for the rest of their lives – by these tragic experiences. These girls will find different ways of coping – some will suppress the pain and internalize feelings of self-deprecation while others will act out their feelings.

The abused girls are in the shelter because they do not have a safe home or community that can help. The shelter staff will conduct comprehensive assessments of the resident’s social and emotional functioning, and their educational and vocational needs. Based on these assessments, individualized plans will be developed for each resident.Volunteers will be placed in a shelter in Mwanza City whereby they can augment support to the girls by creating various empowerment activities.

In particular, the development of such activities such as livelihood production and skills training is highly valued as it prepares the girls for life outside of the shelter. At present, the girls are currently planning to develop jewellery, whilst Volunteer for the Africompassion is pledging to provide support to the project by assisting to market the products of the girls so that they can make a small income for themselves.

Aside from this the same time, educational assistance is also highly beneficial for the girls and often highly welcomed by the institute staff. As well as developing their own projects, volunteers must also be willing to assist the shelter’s house parents in doing the daily chores

When volunteering with abused girls, it is important for a volunteer to realize that different girls have different interests and different skills, as a result a volunteer participating on this project should be resourceful and compassionate.

Visit for more information on what our sister ministry does with the abused girls: Foundation DART