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Volunteer on a Nutrition Project

Project Overview

By volunteering on a nutrition project, you can help Volunteer for the EAHO address a critical local public health issue whilst at the same time working closely with our staff and local community members to tailor projects to combat hunger and improve food security.

 Nutrition tends to be an issue that is overlooked by many Tanzanian communities. As a result issues such as chronic heart disease, diabetes, vitamin A deficiency, PEM and malnourishment are rampant in a society that cannot comprehend the importance of a healthy diet.

 A critical objective is to educate Tanzanians on the need to cut back on the amount of sugar and salt they use in their local diet, and to increase consumption of vegetables. There is little public education on these needs.

 To this end, EAHO created its Nutrition Public Health Project with the ongoing goal being to alter the communities attitudes towards food whilst at the same time addressing the issues of undernourishment amongst local community pre-school children.

Volunteers will work with EAHO’s Community Feeding Project, planning, budgeting and providing supplementary feeding menu’s for the daily feeding of up to 35 preschool children. At the same time, volunteers will work closely with local mothers to educate them on the importance of nutrition and to investigate and implement long term solutions to combat hunger and food security. Such methods might include investigating the possibility and effectiveness of organizing local community feeding kitchens and implementing plans for communities to become self-sustainable.