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Volunteer on a Construction Project

Project Overview

By volunteering on a construction project, you can instantly witness the impact of providing children from a disadvantaged family with a new home, or students from an underfunded school with a new classroom. Unlike other volunteer projects, that take time and nurture, a construction project shows immediate visible results and offers volunteers a truly rewarding experience.


Volunteer for the AFCOO works year in, year out to improve our local communities. With the help of our child sponsors, donors, and volunteers, we have been able to provide a multitude of services that have significantly improved the lives of residents.Volunteer for the AFCOO, through its Build-A-Home and Build-A-School projects, works to address a crucial community problem – school facilities that are dilapidated and homes that are unsafe.Many of the rural provinces in the Tanzania are poor, and the provinces in the Lake Zone where we are located are no exceptions. The signs of poverty abound, including in rural schools, where many buildings are poorly maintained. In some schools, there is a distressing lack of adequate toilet facilities for children.

In our rural communities, it is not uncommon to see families living in makeshift houses constructed of scrap material. These houses – shacks would be a more accurate description – have dirt floors, crumbling walls, and leaky roofs. When it rains heavily, which happens often during rainy season, the family members try to keep dry under tarpaulins.Since its inception, Africompassion has been able to help a number of rural schools renovate their facilities. We have also helped a number of our neediest families renovate or rebuild their homes.The donors and the volunteers who made this possible are truly making a tremendous difference in the lives of children and families here! AFCOO, of course, is continuing its efforts to solicit donations for the Build-A-Home and Build-A-School projects, and recruit volunteers to continue the mission.

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