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Volunteer in an Orphanage

Project Overview

By volunteering in an orphanage, you will be able to augment emotional and educational support for some of the Tanzanian most disadvantaged children. Volunteer for the ‘watoto’ currently works with a number of orphanages both in Mwanza city and surrounding towns, with children aging from as young as one month to eleven or twelve years. In some cases many of the orphans that volunteers work with are often undernourished and have previously suffered from great deals of neglect. Many of the orphans thrive on the attention that can be provided by volunteers and react well to enrichment activities that can help boost their social, motor functional and cognitive skills. 

As in other developing countries, Tanzania lacks a strong safety net to support families at risk of breakdown. This has contributed to a deterioration of the family unit and an increase in the incidence of child abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Many of the children in our orphanages have been abandoned or relinquished by an impoverished parent who could no longer care for the child. This has put an increased pressure on government and non government child welfare services to find permanent or temporary residency’s for the orphans.

In most cases the orphanages that our volunteers work in are often underfunded and have limited resources, as a result individuals wishing to volunteer with orphans should not only have a strong passion for working with children, but must also be resourceful and able to show initiative.

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