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Volunteer At a Womens Shelter

Project Overview

By volunteering in a womens shelter, you can help promote female empowerment to some of the most disadvantaged and abused women in Tanzanian society.

 Issues such as domestic abuse, trafficking and abandonment can leave many women in Tanzania feeling isolated and despondent.Many situations are not brought to the attention of authorities; however, the women in the shelter were referred to the court and placed in the program for their safety and to receive rehabilitative services.Volunteer for the Africompassion works in partnership with the shelter to assign international volunteers to assist the shelter’s social services staff to help the client develop a support system, strengthen problem-solving and coping skills, and develop livelihood skills.

By volunteering at the womens shelter, a volunteer not only assists the shelter staff with the ongoing day-to-day activities, but also has the opportunity to conduct empowerment activities such as livelihood development and skills training.It is beneficial to the women for volunteers to pass on such skills as it promotes independence, female empowerment and eventually prepares the women for life back in society. Volunteer for the AFCOO hopes to augment support to the womens shelter in the near future by assisting to market their livelihood projects but needs volunteers to help develop ideas and promote creativity at the shelter.