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Volunteer at A Rural Health Clinic

Project Overview

By volunteering at a health clinic, you can help augment support to understaffed and underfunded health clinics in rural towns outside Mwanza City. This volunteer project is great for volunteers looking to experience the healthcare industry in the Tanzania or looking to implement their professional medical skills in a rewarding environment.

Rural Health Unit (RHU) clinics serve as the only source of free healthcare for impoverished communities in rural towns around Mwanza City.

It is at these clinics where one doctor and a handful of nurses have the sole responsibility of looking after a community of thousands of people whilst at the same time having only a limited number of resources at their disposal.

The clinics will benefit greatly from the services of volunteer medical professionals and qualified students. Volunteers who are being recruited include doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and  medical and nursing  students.

The duties of the volunteers will vary, depending on the qualifications of the individuals. In the past, volunteers have assisted in taking patient vitals, obtaining medical history, administering inoculations, assisting with minor surgery, helping with delivery, and conducting medical screens and exams. The services are generally provided at the clinic, although periodically outreach health services are provided to outlying areas.

Initiative is a major trait that volunteers need to posses in order to participate well in this project. Aside from the day-to-day activities in the clinics, volunteers can also provide support to various other EAHO Health related projects, such as collecting statistical support for its Nutrition Project or helping provide public health awareness seminars to various community groups.