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Volunteer as a Media Intern

Project Overview

As a grassroots non-profit organization we understand the need for a comprehensive and precise media strategy that will help us best portray and explain our various donation based projects to global audiences. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to hire additional staff to cover this important role and as a result we’re having to look to international volunteers to augment support to this operation.

By volunteering as a media intern with Africompassion, you will have the opportunity to visit and document each and every single project that AFCOO organizes and will assist our staff in developing promotional videos that will aim to raise awareness about socioeconomic struggles and promote donation based causes and appeals. Material collected and edited by volunteers will need to adhere to local social welfare guidelines and will be used to populate the Volunteer for the Africompassion Youtube Channel and Facebook Page.

This project is multi-faceted and requires volunteers to be independent and self motivated. Particular areas of focus will be the Volunteer for the Dumpsite Project,Child Sponsorship Program, Build-A-Home Project and Community Feeding Project.In most cases volunteers will need to supply their own equipment as current equipment at the project site is extremely basic.

If you’ve got a passion for photo journalism or just want to apply your hobby to something meaningful, then why not join our friendly team and at the same time help expand your portfolio.