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The Hadzabe bushmen people in Tanzania

While watching movies like The Gods Must be Crazy, and various documentaries on the African tribes, you might have learned a little about the tribes in Africa, that make a world for themselves in the jungles, completely secluding themselves from the rest of the world. However, while living in this world, do you really know how real these tribes are? 

If you are looking for an African tribe that resembles the most with the Bushmen of the Kalahari tribe, featured in the movie, The Gods Must be Crazy, then Hadzabe is the tribe in Tanzania that you should pay a visit to!
The Hadza, or Hadzabe, tribe has kept to their hunter-gatherer way of life for thousands of years, and today are one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes on the planet. With fewer than 1,500 tribe members, the Hadzabe live a nomadic, decentralized existence around the Yaeda Valley and nearby rocky scrub hills, in northern Tanzania.



Would you like to take the gospel of Jesus Christ with Africompassion to the Wahadzabe, “Bushmen community” in Tanzania? These people live an extremely primitive lifestyle, the men hunting wild animals and eating honey, while the women forage for roots and fruit. As we go, we want to work with you through, empower, and support local (indigenous) Wahadzabe pastors and people. This way, the gospel doesn’t stop when we leave. As we seek to disciple the most un reached tribe of the century, we believe these trips will be transformational and empowering and life changing for you!
Africompassion has Professional English speaking guides at Hadzabe Bushmen village who will take care of your team with full integrity.  Contact us for more information Click here to Contact our Director for more information !