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Teach Out of School Youths

Project Overview

If you volunteer to teach out of school youths, then you truly can help make a difference to lives of school drop in the Tanzania by helping make the best out of their opportunities and hopefully assisting them to return to mainstream education.

Unfortunately, not all children in Tanzania get the opportunity to participate in school; some are forced to drop out because their families can no longer afford to send them.The Out-of-School Youth Program teaches the clients basic school subjects as well as life skills. The objective is for the youth to pass a basic equivalency exam, which would certify that the youth has acquired the knowledge and skills needed to graduate either at the elementary or high school level. These classes may be held in informal settings in the community. The program also provides outreach services to find and recruit individuals who are in need of services.

As a volunteer on this project, you will be exposed to teaching outside the standard classroom environment. In most cases, classes take place inside communities, with teachers and students sitting inside community plaza’s or beneath bus stops or under big trees. Aside from conducting classes and assisting with lesson plans, volunteers will also be expected to support recruiting campaigns for out of school youths to participate in the project; this could involve the taking surveys and interviewing members of the local populace.