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Teach English in rural Schools

Project Overview

You will be of great use to Rural Schools if you decided to volunteer to Teach English in Tanzania.

There is a strong national emphasis on the importance of being able to speak, read and write English as all good jobs require proficiency in English, learning English is incredibly important and getting off to a good start in elementary school is critical.

Unfortunately, many rural elementary schools are overcrowded and lack sufficient textbooks and teaching material. Often, the only classroom equipment available is a blackboard. Children are often squeezed into small classrooms, and most schools do not have a library.

The teachers at these rural schools by and large are capable and are incredibly dedicated. Like teachers elsewhere, they often have to use personal funds to purchase classroom supplies. However, teachers in Tanzania like those in most other developing countries are not well paid and can ill-afford to use their own funds. The low salaries and poor working conditions have led many experienced teachers to quit and work abroad, where salaries are much higher. Some of the teachers you will work with may not be fully proficient in English, even though they have good teaching skills; professional development opportunities are very limited for them.A native English speaking volunteer, who lacks teaching experience, could team up with that teacher to serve as a language tutor.

Most subjects in public schools, including mathematics and science, are taught in Swahili and English has been introduced as a second language to schools. Privete Schools use English as their medium of communication and a language for all subjects teaching except in a swahili lesson.

Volunteers who can also teach those subjects are preferred. If you are a non-native English speaker but speak English well and are qualified to teach mathematics and science, we probably can find a position for you; please check with us.