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Sponsor a Child

These children have waited too long for a sponsor. You can put an end to their wait. Sponsor a child who has been waiting over six months for a sponsor.

  • When you sponsor a child in poverty, your sponsored child will be linked directly to you. Your sponsored child will know your name and you will both be able to write letters to each other.

A Trustworthy Charity!

At Africompassion Organization, we take your trust in our ministry very seriously. We know how valuable your confidence is...without it our mission of releasing children from poverty can't be accomplished.

Africompassion consistently receives high ratings for financial accountability and integrity.Please sponsor a child and help support our long-term work to make lasting improvements to children's lives.

You can sponsor a child in Tanzania by signing up via one of AFCO's fundraising countries. As a sponsor, you'll get regular updates about our work in the community where the child you sponsor lives. You can also enjoy a unique cultural exchange, by writing and receiving letters.

 What makes Africompassion Organization Sponsor a Child program Distinct:

Christ centered, Child focused, Church based and committed to integrity!!!


 Click the Symbol below for the list of the waiting orphans to be sponsored in Tanzania!!


For more information Email our Admin at info@africompassion.org