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Housing Widows and Orphans

Homes For Widows

Africompassion "Homes for Widows program is currently focused on the community of East Africa region.  Tanzania has one of the highest rates of alcoholism in the region which results in many alcohol related deaths each year. When men die, they leave behind wives and children who must fend for themselves.  These widows must carry on living very tough lives and many of them live in homes that are much too small for the entire family.

After their husband's death, a typical East African widow may face property theft oreviction. But faith-based advocates are turning the tables.






The goal of the AFCOO Widows Program is to provide Tanzanian widows and impoverished women of the church a means of employment and artistic expression through the making of handcrafts. 

Through our partners and ministry friends, we will purchase, ship, and sell the widows’ handcrafts through the Ministry non profit making Exchange.







A Familiar Story

The struggle for a widow to hang on to her land follows a somewhat predictable pattern after a husband's death. His family will tell her, sometimes at the funeral, to leave. Naomi said, "Everything she has relied on to support her is gone and has actually turned on her."

Being evicted from the land is a terrifying, desperate experience, but women don't give up their husband's home or land without a fight. Naomi said, "Clients know what the consequences of leaving are. Starvation and death are on the other side of leaving their house." More than half of African widows—55 percent according to one research report—face pressure to leave their land after their husband dies.

Africompassion Homes for Widows project partners with other ministry well wishers and partners organizations to build simple homes for widows and their children. These are inexpensive structures that provide shelter from the elements. 







Most importantly they are a huge blessing to the women and children who live in them.  In many cases these houses are simply an extension of an existing home for the children, which allows the mothers to have their own space and not have to share their 10ft by 10ft space with four or five children.Would you please consider to partner with us to provide a shelter for a widow.

To have a dry home is the most significant improvement for a village family. The community church leaders, determine who is most in need (widows, the sick, elderly, and orphans).  The poorest families need new roofs = new house.  The grass used for a roof is not sustainable since grasslands have been reduced by population growth and expansion of farms.  Maintaining a grass roof is not possible.  87 families want to received corrugated metal roofing sections and are ready to built their houses with the help of family members and friends.  If a family has no support, they receive roofing sections  and the cost of the sections is given to them in the form of  donation support to help them from sunny and rainny seasons.

Although we are helping villagers in 14 villages make positive changes in their living conditions, our focus now is 100% of homes in 8 villages to have non-leaking roofs, concrete floors, wells and family latrines. 

These 8 villages are within a geographic area separated by roads, rivers and mountains from other villages and are easily reached by our workers and by donkey carts carrying construction supplies. There are a total of over 250 families in this area.

Concrete floors result in:

  • No mud,
  • No spit on the floor,
  • Less spread of diarrhea,
  • Less respiratory diseases and runny noses,
  • No infestations of parasites or insects,
  • A clean place for children to play, study, eat and sleep,
  • No termites so the wood in the walls last much longer,
  • Furniture being built so rural children know how to sit in chairs when they go to an urban  area, 
  • Inspire families to smooth their mud walls, make furniture, and decorate their walls.Go to our online PayPal account and change a life by providing a shelter.