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Our History

Words from Jerald:

Jerald Malamba, founder and The Executive Director at Africompassion organization, describes the beginnings of AFCO. Prayerfully, I felt that I would have a much better chance for a meaningful and intimate experience with people if I did what I do through this work. I had high hopes for providing compassionate care to the people in my outreach and community. That’s where my gifts were. That’s why I felt called to the compassionate  ministry—to bring Christ’s love to hurting people.

But reality quickly set in. There were so many needs and only one of me. And only so many available hours in a day. I had a thought with thousands full of needs, but also a ministry full of needs to move. So the solution was obvious: Equip the people for the work of the ministry to establish the projects for building up the body of Christ through love and Africompassion Organization was born.

I trained five lay caregivers in that first phase:That was in the year 2013.

A secretary, A field officer, A community transformation trainer, children ministry in charge and A spiritual development expert. They were “ordinary” church people, but I was immediately impressed by the seriousness they put into their training and the enthusiasm they showed at the opportunity to be involved in hands-on ministry.

After I assigned each of them to a care receiver, I was equally impressed by the care they provided—and the joy they discovered as they saw Christ working through them to bring hope and healing to another person. My the then stuff, could really provide quality caring ministry. But the story did not  end there.Two of the first Africompassion ministers recognized that “AFCO” was too valuable and important to be limited to one region, so they encouraged me to figure out a way to offer it to other needy places.

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