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May 10, 2015
Posted by: jerald

Albinos have suffered widespread persecution in Tanzania, where witch doctors say magic potions made with albino body parts can bring good luck.

Such killings have declined in recent years, but this latest attack has prompted a human rights group to call for all witch doctors to be banned.

At the end year 2014 closing prayer which the Africompassion Organization Director attended, the regional commissioner asked people to act and pray for our brother living with Albinism to be rescued.

The Tanzanian government has taken some steps in the wake of the killing spree, opening shelters for albino children in some parts of the country and commissioning task forces to investigate albino killings. But the work is still big and local organizations have been requested to come in and help sensitize and teach the communities NOT to kill children living with Albinism.

Africompassion organizing regional campaigns against the discrimination of people living with albinism, we need your financial support to make this campaign be successful. Lets join hands together to fight the rampant killing of our brothers living with Albinism innTanzania. Be the change to this bad culture.

Albinism  in Africa Stigma Slaughter and Awareness Campaigns 

We currently need $24,000 US Dollars (Twenty four thousand US Dollars for the campaign and for the support to the schools having children living with the Albinism.

This money will help Africompassion  team members together together the partner local churches working with us, successful run a three months campaign to offer supports to the homes of children living with Albinism in Mwanza region. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and be part of the life changing campaign for the dying innocent children living with Albinism in Tanzania. 

 Other Partner friends with the same causes: http://standingvoice.org/