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More on Voluntary missions with Africompassion!

A Broader View programs are based in and around the city of Mwanza in the Lake zone of Tanzania.  Africompassion Volunteer is set to helpe hundreds of families by working in the local pre-school, at local orphanages, in a maternity clinic, farming projects, regional hospital and also with HIV awareness outreach projects. A Broader View offers programs for family volunteering, medical outreach, woman vocational support and university led service trips. Many volunteers travel to Tanzania to participate in a safari, but also help the country by contributing to a community-led program.

With the Organization available for up to 50 volunteers per week, Africompassion Broader View has hosted many of university student groups, peace corp alternative teens and family volunteers in our Tanzania volunteer programs. If you have a group of people interested in volunteering together, customized programs can be arranged. The Volunteers has extensive experience working with students, teachers and families providing tailor-made service trips for small groups.


Visa/Permit Notes: A tourist visa is required to enter Tanzania. As of November 2017, the visa cost is US$100, and available to purchase at customs when you land in Tanzania.  All volunteers must also buy a “Volunteer Permit” once in Mwanza Tanzania. The cost is US$250.

Volunteering Projects in Tanzania