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Medical Volunteer Abroad with Africompassion

Medical Outreach Africa

When most people think about volunteering, they think about going to a foreign country and doing something they’ve never done before, like teaching English or helping expand school buildings. Of course, while these may be incredible projects that are of great use to a community, some volunteers don’t always consider that they may be able to play a different role as a specialized volunteer, like a medical or healthcare volunteer.

Many volunteers don’t realize that they may be able to use their specialized skills and that these skills could give them the ability to serve an at-need community in a way that most volunteers could not.

Africompassion Medical volunteer abroad trips can be extremely rewarding, and are a great chance for people with specialized skills to participate in a volunteer project that, because of the nature of their projects, can only accept people with very specific qualifications or interests.

Intern or volunteer in a medical clinic or hospital in Tanzania. Participants work with doctors and nurses in small clinics in Northern Tanzania. International Interns will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience in a general care clinic while learning first-hand about the challenges facing Tanzania's healthcare system. Staff at the clinics will assign tasks based on the skills and past experience of the intern. This program is open to graduate level medical, nursing, and physical therapy students. Past clinical experience is required. Interns also pursue public health projects including educational programs covering topics such as HIV/AIDS/STD prevention, hygiene practices and nutrition.
To participate in a medical volunteer abroad program with Africompassion, you don’t necessarily have to have a medical degree, as requirements vary by program. Please contact us for more information at info@africompassion.org