Would you like to join Africompassion to help bring transformation through Education, Community transformation Projects and by leading spiritual development programs inTanzania - Contact us: jerald@africompassion.org or Call: +255 764211499!


You Can Help

Become part of the Africompassion Organization  international family. Get involved by praying, giving, going or volunteering to help the poorest of the poor. Regardless of where you are, you can do something to touch those we serve, even if you are an ocean away.

Pray : •

Sign up for our  Prayer Team (so that people in Africa would receive the love of God available through Jesus).That God would bless the people at the  Africompassion Organization Village, the people of greater Mwanza, Tanzania, and the continent of Africa.The people we minister to would be strengthened spiritually, physically and emotionally. God would stir the hearts of people outside of Africa to contribute toward His work in Africa give through our organization.


  • Become a “Partner Parent” by sponsoring a child at Africompassion Organization.

  • To support medical and ministry needs.

  • To educate children and adults to break free from prostitution, poverty and slavery

  • To build and expand Ebenezer African Hearts Village and our work in the surrounding community go.


  • Build facilities, provide business education and utilize your trade skills.
  • Provide medical treatment in Tanzania or assist doctors and nurses.
  • Educate and mentor our children, the future business, government and church leaders of Tanzania.


  • Be an ambassador for Ebenezer African Hearts by spreading the word about AFCOO and the work we do.

  • Share your time and talents by volunteering at the AFCOO office.

  • Coordinate church partnership for creating awareness of needs and outreach opportunities.

  • Help us to organize special events, such as sponsor a child fund raising through good Friday Breakfast

Will you consider partnering with us as we look to achieving these important goals over the next three to five years?

 Expand the village

  • Invite local businesses to invest in the community around the Africompassion village in order to secure financial support and build partnerships to benefit the local economy.

  • Purchase 20 to 100 acres of land for future growth of Africare Modern Academy  School, medical / dental clinic and church.

  • Continue to grow in self sufficiency at the Africompassion Organization village to produce most of our own meat, vegetables, grains and other resources

Serve the community :

  • Empower another 200 women with small loans to start their own businesses.

  • Expand our feeding program to hungry children to at least five village areas with the accompanying discipleship / mentoring program for their mothers.

  • Build the Africare Modern Academy primary and secondary schools

  • Begin building a medical / dental center • Increase medical care capacity up to 30,000 people per year • Expand the mobile medical outreach into the community

  • Donate to send a cow!