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The church in Tanzania and in Africa is largely led by pastors with little or no theological training. In addition, many African pastors lack theological education, not to mention the need for basic ministry skills and ministry resources - which are all crucial for church leadership and administration. As a consequence, the church in Tanzania Africa is faced with several difficult challenges such as:

  • Eistortion of the gospel.
  • Lack of discipleship for believers.
  • Abuse of ministry.
  • Extreme unbiblical measures in church discipline.
  • Conflict among churches.
  • Distraction from the gospel.
  • Fragmentation of the African church and lack of accountability for pastors.

We believe AFCOO Pastoral Training is a light that God has placed in the Eastern Africa to show God’s frontline leaders, their work and how to do it. To equip all who will listen with Bible interpretation tools and skills and to hold all accountable in the practice of God’s law. Therefore, it is AFCOO’s mission to see pastors in Tanzania Africa discipled and equipped to study, observe and teach God’s Word accurately; to connect pastors in accountability relationships and to resource them with every critical ministry resource.

AFCOO has had the joy, over the last two years, of seeing pastors sign up for mentors while others have committed to go deeper (Deeper Revelation International School of Ministry DRISM) and be rooted in God’s Word. Some have also committed to confront any heretical teaching and to hold each other accountable. Also, many pastors have committed to end all manipulation and extortion messages (the prosperity Gospel) thus trusting God to care for each of them. Even others, who will ne attending our “DRISM ” trainings and conferences, have committed to working with their own hands to provide food for their families rather than think out ways to manipulate the church in unbiblical ways for money. Africa needs a ministry that educated its pastors and journeys with them as they minister in this complex context and DRISM  is that ministry.