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Africompassion Youth For Change

Every Child. Every Youth. Every Girl!

Africompassion Youth program promotes academic persistence and success of youth in Tanzania - East Africa by instilling values that lead to positive choices and positive community impact and by encouraging social, cultural, and self-development.

The goals of AFCOY are to keep children in school until they graduate, help children avoid drugs, alcohol and violence, encourage children to delay parenthood, help children learn to handle stress and conflicts peacefully, strive for improved communication between parents and youth and empower young people with the confidence, self-esteem and ability to make positive decisions.





Welcome to AFCOY(youth program)


 Africompassion YOUTH programs strengthens the social, emotional, and economic competencies of disadvantaged young women (aged from 15 to 25), providing them with a sense of self-worth and with the opportunities to experience a full range of life options through an innovative program that gives and provides self-empowerment, education and training.

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