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Aging Mastery Program

The Purpose

The Africompassion Aging Mastery program offers community-based organizations a clear path to engage and strengthen the physical, financial and emotional wellness of older adults. Developed by Africompassion community Transformation Department, the self-paced program educates and engages older adults as they take manageable steps toward aging well. The

We created the program to develop new expectations, norms, and pathways for adults to make the most of their gift of longevity. The engagement program is an innovative, educational way to encourage aging well through lifestyle changes. Most importantly, results have shown that older adults in the program increase their social connectedness, physical activity, healthy eating habits, understanding of preventive benefits, communication with healthcare teams, and use of advanced planning.

Aging TZ

Strengthening the Impact

The Africompassion in collaboration with like minded people is strengthening the Aging Mastery Program by leveraging its multi- engagement with other organizations on Aging to support creating a regional-scale approach to the Aging Mastery Program while searching for funding from well-wishers who are willing and with the burden to implementing the program.Africompassion wishes to partner with such organizations to share lessons with each other to strengthen the impact of the program and its influence in the lives of older adults in our community. Let us know of your view and be part of this program from wherever you are let’s bring hope to the Aging in Tanzania who are the most forgotten and neglected. Learn more about Africompassion Aging Program in Tanzania or Email us for more information!