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Age population

Africompasssion Help the aging was established in Tanzania since 2014 with the purpose to:

  • Reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS on older people and their families both by working directly with them, and by influencing government and non Governmental entities
    Raise the profile of older people in society, and making sure their voices are heard by local authorities
    Strengthen the position of older women, so they can claim their rights and fight back against abuses such as witchcraft accusations.
    Improve older people's incomes
    Fight malaria by providing mosquito nets and education.

In recent years, we have been focusing on:

  • Promoting older women's economic and social empowerment through combined initiatives of the government, media, and civil society
  • Promoting and protect the rights of older women in Tanzania, who live in constant fear and frequently encounter extreme violence following claims of witchcraft practice.
  • Improving universal access to HIV/AIDS services and social protection mechanisms for vulnerable groups
    Training 1,325 health professionals on older people's specific health needs and promoting age-appropriate home-based care and community-based care
  • Creating intergenerational dialogue on healthy aging and promoting activities to increase longevity

Our achievements include:

  1. Influencing  regional local and council leaders and to include older people's needs in their plans and budgets, and presidential candidates are addressing pensions in their campaigns.
  2. Cutting the number of murders related to witchcraft accusations by 90% in the villages we operate in.
  3. Observing a drastic drop in malaria cases in villages where we have provided insecticide-treated mosquito nets.
  4. Following our advocacy, the country's revised HIV and AIDS policy now has a section specifically relating to older people, with an objective "to address elderly specific needs related to HIV in prevention, treatment, and societal roles in care for OVC and PLHIV."
  5. The monitoring system of the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty now measures the percentage of older caregivers of orphaned and vulnerable children.
  6. Training media representatives to build a national movement to combat abuses against women, such awitchcraft killings, inheritance theft, and property killings
    What next?

We will focus on a Five-year project, which will:

Empower older people in the poorest areas of Tanzania,
Reduce poverty and increase quality of life among vulnerable older people in Tanzania,
Target 500,000 poorer older people across four areas of the region capital, Mwanza, ,Mara, Shinyanga and Simiyu
improve their health and quality of life,
Increase their access to services and entitlements.
Our partners

Africompassion  is currently collaborating with key institutions and organizations to find innovative solutions to issues around aging and longevity.  We are interested in talking to people who are ready to engage in conversations, and actions, that are aligned with Africompassion’s mission.  We want to challenge stereotypes and current thinking that frames later life as a time of diminished and loss.  We know that with appropriate support, older age can be a time to adapt, grow, and give back.  Please contact us if you are interested in forging a new partnership to help these forgotten group. Email us for more information!