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Adopt a child

Adopt a child!

Tanzania Adoptions Waiting Children.

Many beautiful children in Tanzania are waiting for loving permanent families. Africompassion Organization Adopt-abroad program, is committed to helping these children find their forever families through adoption.
All the children are legally free for adoption and in the majority of cases have no living relatives able to support them. The children from Tanzania are available for adoption primarily due to severe economic circumstances. This along with the impact of a long drawn out deaths caused by HIV, and the devastation of various other medical and health issues has created a large population of children who are in need of safe, loving adoptive families.
The children are available from toddler to 16 years of age.
All the children receive the regular physical evaluations and are tested for HIV, hepatitis B and other diseases. Africompassion will provide all the medical information that is available. The majority of the children were being cared for at the orphanage, although a few are being care for in private foster care settings.
Photos medical reports background information will be provided to the prospective adoptive parents. Applicants should fill out our application form begin the process of becoming adoptive parents for child from Tanzania.

Adoptive Family Requirements

The Tanzania adoption program is open to married couples and single women.
 It is possible to adopt more than one child in a single adoption process. Tanzania adoptions are fairly liberal regarding the age of adoptive parents on average adoptive applicants should be within 24 to 55 years of age. Adoptive parents who were over 50 years of age must be more flexible regarding the children and their ages.
Adoptive families may adopt either Christian or Muslim children, but must respect the child's religious heritage.

The Adoption Process

Upon receipt of your adoption application, ACOO adopt abroad will send the adoptive parents more information on the program and the waiting children. The adoptive family will need to complete an adoption dossier and submit information regarding the child they are seeking to adopt from Tanzania.
Africompassion adoptions can be done in one trip. One parent is required to travel to attend the court hearing for the adoption. Our program does not use escorts for any of its adoptive programs as we feel this is the parental obligation.

Faith Based Adoption Services

Adopting a child is a decision that will ultimately involve body, mind and spirit. We all come from a frame of reference from childhood and know how important all three of those elements are in determining the choices we make. From a Christian frame of reference, the Bible tells us that God calls us to minister to orphans and widows and that if any of us even give a cup of water to a child, we will not lose our reward in heaven. With that injunction and belief system, adoption is done with not only a heart to bless a child with a loving, healthy home but also to be within God's purpose for our lives. Christians believe from the Bible that where God leads, He will provide.

 Adoption is a venture that does involve financial resources. Through prayer and coming together with others to find creative solutions, the resources needed can be realized. Finally, God states in His Word that He has given us a spirit of adoption and as He has adopted us into His family, we know that we, in turn, can understand family from a broader perspective...ethnically, culturally and even loving neighbors as ourselves that may have different religious beliefs. Our Adoption agency seeks to be sensitive to those of the Christian faith as well as others.

 We offer, for those interested, a Christian or faith-based approach to our adoption home study. The difference is the option of prayer in the process and encouragement from a faith perspective. Seeking God in the beginning honors the promises of God such as in Matthew 6:33 which is, 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all else will be added unto you'.The adoption process can seem overwhelming as you first learn all that is needed but with a patient, skilled and experienced team that is sensitive to your needs in body, mind and spirit; many lives can be blessed with the opportunity to change the life of the child and perhaps be changed for the better in the process.

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