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About Us

Africompassion is an independent non-profit making charity organization that is faith-based set with social projects that unite people and validate the claims of the Good News with compassionate works. Africompassion was founded in 2014 of a desire to reach the poor that reside in the low-income areas of Tanzania-East Africa; to bring blessing to their physical, emotional and spiritual lives, becoming a bridge to faith and fullness only God can bring.

  • We are a national local charity organization with the headquarters  located in Mwanza Tanzania East Africa, and we have regional sub office  in Mara region.
  • Africompassion has a vision of creating a vast community of people who are committed to creating a more just and compassionate world through Education, Community Transformation projects and Spiritual Development programs
  • We work and aim at the most marginalized children, the ones most often ignored and forgotten especially on girls,orphans and street children, children living in institutions, young mothers and sexually abused children.

Other areas of our operations are helping poor people (mostly women) to establish and manage sustainable programs in groups that lead them to owning profitable businesses like growing fruits, vegetables, maize, beans and millet and other Micro-businesses. This help destitute, abused women to obtain a source of income through employment or self-employment.  This helps them to obtain their basic needs – food, healthcare, education.  They are then in a position to fight for their rights and helped by raising awareness of what their legal rights are, mediation and other services, they can transform their lives and take care of the orphans in their respective areas.

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