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Sanctuary Christian Academy

The Sanctuary Christian Academy (Children's Home) was found in 2015 by The Africompassion Organization - Tanzania under the leadership of the Founder,(Jerald Malamba). The SCA Children's Home was started when a great need for Educational Transformation was experienced by Africompassion team leaders through its ongoing mission to transforming communities socially, spiritually and economically.

The aims of SCA Children's Home education center are manifold: to educate the heart and mind, and to provide for each student’s total growth, intellectually and spiritually.

SCA Children's Home is an educational center offering Tanzanian-based curriculum to pupils from all cultures and backgrounds. SCA is an educational ministry branch of Africompassion Organization Tanzania. The school seek to fulfill the mission, "Education For All - (EFA)," we fuse our commitment to engaging each young learner's mind with our dedication to engaging their hearts. 

Why Sanctuary Christian Academy!