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Our projects with Maasai and Wahatzabe (Bush Men) People- Arusha Tanzania

Like most poor women in African nations, the majority of Maasai women in Tanzania are destined to live a life of poverty and cultural oppression. Just one generation ago, less than 20 percent of Maasai women in Tanzania enrolled in school. Today, even with free primary school education in Tanzania since January 2013, only a small percentage of Maasai girls enroll in school, and only a small number of girls make it to secondary school.                                  

Economic, Cultural & Physical Barriers

The economic, cultural and physical factors that combine to deny education to Maasai girls in Tanzania  are numerous and, taken together, almost impossible for all but the most determined girls to overcome. Even when possible, Maasai girls have the added impediment of cultural beliefs that prevent many from enrolling or completing school.

They include:

  1. Economic incentives for early marriage, such as cattle and cash dowries
  2. The belief that the biological family does not benefit from educating a daughter, since the girl becomes a member of her husband’s family when she marries, and they will reap the benefits
  1. Family and peer pressure for early marriage, as women are valued by the number of children they have
  2. Fear of early pregnancy, which is a disgrace prior to marriage and lowers the bride price, which perpetuates the practice of early marriage,
    and finally
  3. The distances that a girl must walk to the nearest school make it unsafe, and even impossible for a nursery-school-age child.Donate to Educate a Maasai child and to provide safe and clean drinking water! You may Emil us! for more information our our work with Maasai community in Arusha region Tanzania


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Hadzabe tribe: the last archers of Africa, the very existence of the Hadza people of East Africa, the last true hunter-gatherer foragers in Africa, a very astonishing phenomenon at best. And even more so in a world where relentless ‘progresses and limited resources … Go and make them Disciples!! Join Africompassion on the ground and feel the touch with God’s blessing for his glory